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Uluru accommodation

There are a number of iconic landmarks in Australia. The Sydney Opera house, for example, may be world-renowned, but perhaps the most quintessential Australian natural wonder is Uluru. Located in the southern portion of the Northern Territory, around 460 kilometres from the region's Red Heart, Uluru - also formerly known as Ayers Rock - represents one of the most unique and unforgettable outback experiences possible, standing at 348 metres tall.

Weather at Uluru

The weather of Uluru is typical of the Australian outback desert. The summer sun lavishes the earth in a beautiful high, while winters maintain a near-equal level of warmth. Expect an average of around 35 degrees Celsius around the sunny season, with minimal rainfall all year round.

What to do in Uluru

After you dump your belongings in your Ayers Rock Resort hotel, get driving to the entrance of the Uluru-Kat Tjuta National Park. Get up before the crack of dawn and drive to any one of its many lookout spots to watch as this magnificent landscape is silhouetted against the dawn. You could also return later in the day to see the sunset and all the brilliant oranges that it brings out.

Next it's time for a walk. One of the best walks in the region is the Uluru loop track, which covers the 10 kilometre circumference of the rock's base, and showcases numerous native flora and fauna. Though you may see others doing it, and though it might seem fun, climbing the rock itself is - although not legally prohibited - considered something you should not do, as it is a sacred place for the local people. If you choose climb regardless, make sure you are physically fit and prepared for an intensive and incredibly steep incline. 

Take a tour of Uluru

There are numerous tour groups in operation around Uluru and the surrounding area, all offering their own unique perspective on this fantastic landmark. Get off to a flying start - literally - by booking with Skydive Ayers Rock and plummeting towards the ground from 12,000 feet (3.6 kilometres) either by yourself or with a partner. Next it's recommended that you experience a cultural tour, as the area is rich with Aboriginal life. There are bush tucker tours, four-wheel drive guided tours, painting workshops and so much more. Lastly, don't forget to look up as night falls. The complete lack of city lights makes the starry sky of Australia's red centre absolutely astounding, and informative sky tours are a must-see.

Accommodation around Uluru

With 125 air-conditioned rooms just 30 minutes from the national park, Outback Pioneer is a fantastic Uluru hotel choice. Located within the town of Yulara, Outback Pioneer has multiple swimming pools to cool off and revitalise after a day of touring, plus its own on-site restaurants, Pioneer and Bough House, offering a wide range of traditional Australian cuisine. 

Yulara is also home to the magnificent Desert Gardens hotel and the opulent Sails in the Desert hotel, both of which offer excellent Uluru accommodation for those looking to truly indulge in outback luxury. 

Hotels in Uluru, Northern Territory