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Launceston accommodation

If you'd like to experience an all-in-one holiday somewhere a little different, book an Accor hotel in Launceston today. Less than two hours from Sydney by plane and just over two hours from Hobart by car, Launceston is bathed in uniquely preserved Victorian architecture, filling it with a vibrancy and character seen in few other cities. 

Weather in Launceston

The weather of Launceston is typical for Tasmania, with summer highs averaging at just over 20 degrees Celsius between December and March, and winters that rise to around 13 or 15 degrees Celsius. Because of this, Launceston is the perfect place to visit to escape the extreme heat of the mainland summer to enjoy a sip or two of wine in the Tamar Valley.

What to do in Launceston

Get a rush on your Launceston holiday by visiting the Hollybank Treetops Adventure park, just 20 minutes up the road. Here you can clip into a series of  ziplines and rocket through the forest canopy on an exciting three-hour tour. You can also jump on this adventure at night, offering a surreal experience as you fly from tree to tree in near darkness. You should also stop at City Park, at the heart of town, to saunter around its fragrant gardens, as well as check out the Macaque monkeys in their enclosure. 

Next dive into the natural wonders of the Launceston area by checking out the Cataracts Gorge Reserve and Tamar Wetlands. The Cataracts Gorge is barely three kilometres from the city centre, making it incredibly accessible by both car and foot. It offers numerous scenic walking tracks as well as a restaurant, Inclinator railway, the longest single-span chairlift in the world and stunning natural views. The Tamar Wetlands, on the other hand, consists of a small island in the Tamar River, just 16 minutes from the city. There is a one-hour return boardwalk track through the island, which offers visitors a chance to spot some of the native wildlife in their natural habitat. There is also a bird hide for keen bird watchers as well as an Interpretation Centre near the main entrance.

For the ultimate wine adventure, however, make sure you rent a car and designate a sober driver. Considered one of the top 10 wine routes in the world by the UK's Essential Travel magazine, the Tamar Valley Wine Route covers 170 kilometres and leads you to 32 different vineyards. Marked clearly on the roads with blue and yellow signs, this route is the ultimate way to encounter what the Tamar Valley region has to offer, including labels such as Bay of Fires, Ninth Island and Tamar Ridge. 

Accommodation in Launceston

Nearby the sparkling Esk River waterfront is the luxurious Launceston hotel, The Sebel Launceston. Each of the self-contained 50 rooms at this hotel feature their own private balcony, and there is also a fitness centre on-site should you need a mid-holiday workout. If you get hungry, the Market Square Restaurant and Bar is available to lavish you with exquisitely fresh produce, as well as a taste of the local wine. 

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