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Geraldton accommodation

Located at the heart of the Australian midwest, Geraldton is a fantastic regional city with a great range of aquatic sports, as well as a deep local culture of fishing and mining. The region is just an hour's flight north of Perth, or a truly stunning four-and-a-half-hour's drive along the sparkling coastline.

Weather in Geraldton

The weather of Geraldton is what you might expect from a coastal city of Western Australia. All year round the temperatures are magnificent, with summers frequently passing 30 degrees Celsius and winters barely dropping below 20 degrees Celsius. On top of that, the Christmas/New Year period sees minimal rain so you can make the most of the great outdoors.

The waters of Geraldton

The Geraldton Visitors Centre claims that their city is the windiest in the country, making it absolutely perfect for wind-based sports. Start by booking a kiteboarding lesson with KiteWest. This company structures their lessons on the International Kiteboarding Organization's (IKO) lesson plans, meaning you're taught only the best practises. They have three different levels of lessons available, depending on your prior knowledge, and they also provide you with an IKO card so you can rent equipment and take further lessons more easily.

If the fast-paced life isn't for you, book onto an Eco Abrolhos tour. Eco Abrolhos provide fantastic cruises to some of the country's most historic and naturally diverse island groups so you can snorkel, surf, whale watch or try your hand at fishing. Alternatively, you could book a more relaxing adventure aboard their ship on a Sunday. The Sunday Cruise has a fully stocked bar and offers unique views of the Geraldton cityscape on a backdrop of the WA sunset.

Of course, alongside both of those you could also simply get down to your choice of beach and paddle about. Look out for Back Beach, Flat Rocks, Glenfield Beach, St Georges Beach and Sunset Beach.

What to do in Geraldton

Located within the heart of Geraldton's CBD is a touching memorial to Australia's naval history. The HMAS Sydney II Memorial rests at the top of Mount Scott and is there to commemorate the 645 men who died when the vessel was sunk by the Germans in 1941.

For more history, you can also visit the Geraldton branch of the Western Australian Museum to see a portion of the state's best scientific and cultural exhibitions. These include tours through the stories of the region's major early shipwrecks, as well as some local Yamaji history and the story of the HMAS Sydney II. 

Accommodation in Geraldton

Looking for a great hotel in Geraldton without breaking the bank? The ibis Styles Geraldton offers a fantastic balance of great accommodation and a medium-range price. It has 60 air-conditioned rooms, an outdoor swimming pool and is within easy walking distance of the beach! On top of that, this ibis Styles also has an on-site restaurant, Fitzgeralds, to serve up exquisite French-style cuisine every evening of the week.

Hotels in Geraldton, Western Australia