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Exmouth accommodation

What's one thing that the big cities of Australia can't offer you? A casual environment without thousands of other tourists. To see crisp, clear sapphire waters, astounding Aussie outback and none of the hustle and bustle of, say, Sydney, visit Exmouth. 

Sitting proudly in Western Australia's North West Cape, Exmouth represents the ultimate relaxing holiday with some of the country's best weather. From Perth airport, simply fly just under two hours to reach Learmonth airport, then drive a further 40 minutes to reach your Accor Exmouth hotel. 

Weather in Exmouth

Expect to be walking on sunshine throughout your trip to Exmouth, as rainfall is minimal all year round. By all means bring an umbrella, but use it for pleasant shade when the summer temperatures break 30 degrees Celsius, or when winters exceed 20 degrees Celsius. 

What to do in Exmouth

One of Exmouth's main attractions is its pristine natural life. The town is surrounded on all sides by unique, spectacular wilderness which you can visit on a variety of tours, cruises and hikes. 

For starters, dive into the wildlife of the area - literally! There are a number of diving experiences available in the town, however you simply must try Ningaloo Blue and 3 Islands Whale Shark Dives. The former is the longest-running whale shark tourism operator in the region, offering some of the biggest and best cruise boats as well. As for the latter, they are ranked number one on TripAdvisor, have won numerous awards and offer a No Sight policy. This means you get to return for a free repeat tour in order to try again, should no animals be spotted! If you want to get up close and personal with the local whale sharks, whilst remaining completely safe, these are the trips for you.

If you prefer land-based nature spotting then drive to the northwestern portion of the North West Cape to hike through the Cape Range National Park. Covering 50,581 hectares, you can imagine there is an absolute plethora of places to see around this region, with an abundance of wildlife, too. 

On its West Side, stop by the Milyering Visitors Centre to gather information on the region, as well as speak with some of the local park rangers. Then set off on an adventure to find the bird hide in Mangrove Bay, the 3-kilometre Mandu Mandu Gorge walking trail or some rare black-footed rock wallabies above Yardie Creek. 

As for the East Side, check out the Charles Knife Canyon road. It offers a fantastic vantage point to peer down into the winding, colourful gorges of the park, with plenty of lookouts to stop at and take pictures. You could also traverse Shothole Canyon Road to find its quiet little picnic spot for a serene lunch experience. 

Accommodation in Exmouth

At four-and-a-half stars, the ultimate in Exmouth accommodation is certainly the Novotel Ningaloo Exmouth Resort. Select from any of the 68 opulent bedrooms and apartments to indulge in your own personal Jacuzzi, marina views, TV and DVD player and - if you want to splurge a little - full kitchen. The resort also has its own swimming pool and fitness centre, alongside award-winning on-site Mantaray's restaurant.

Hotels in Exmouth, Western Australia